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Callan Moore
United States
Yo. Im Callan. I'm a huge art fan. I believe that someone's art can reflect that person's personality and so i love look at other peoples art and learning about what made them create that piece of art. This is my first time getting a account on Deviantart, however I have more then once browsed the website.

Anyway, I'll probably write more later but you know, Things to do, People to not see. The usual. XD
I wish the world was colorblind.
That way it would not matter if we were
Black or white or brown.
In our eyes we would all be the same,
All be equal.
No fear of difference that controls our hearts.

If the world was colorblind,
No sadness of discrimination would occur.
Peace and tranquility would be our skin,
No colors No pain.
This place of harmony.

But the world is not colorblind.
We judge each other by the colors we see,
Harming one another beyond repair.
We will never be colorblind,
For this is the fate we must share.


A little poem I wrote awhile back. Thought I might post it or something, I don't know. Enjoy?

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